About Miradi

Miradi is project management software designed by conservation practitioners, for conservation practitioners. It was built as a tool to implement planning and measurement best practices adopted by the CMP (see below). Wizards, examples and multiple views make using Miradi like having an expert project manager guide you through planning, monitoring and reporting on your work. Miradi makes it easy for anyone to create a world-class biodiversity conservation project.

Click here to view or download a Miradi Overview (pdf).

For a more detailed Miradi tutorial, please visit the Miradi Web tutorial with narrated, animated Flash Movies showing basic features and operation of Miradi.

About CMP and Benetech

The Miradi software program is a joint venture between the Conservation Measures Partnership (CMP) and Benetech.

The Conservation Measures Partnership is a consortium of conservation NGOs committed to improving the practice of conservation. To achieve this, CMP develops and promotes common standards and tools for planning, implementation and measuring conservation impact. Each organization within CMP has biodiversity conservation as its primary goal.Members of the consortium have a focus on field-based conservation actions and work to develop better approaches to project design, management, and assessment. CMP Core Members include: the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Worldwide Fund for Nature/ World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Collaborating Members include: the Cambridge Conservation Forum, Conservation International (CI), Enterprise Works Worldwide, Foundations of Success, IUCN, RARE Center, and the World Commission on Protected Areas. The CMP members have come together to work on issues related to impact assessment and accountability because we believe that, collectively, we have a greater chance of making significant progress on designing and implementing effective adaptive management systems. More information about the CMP and its initiatives is available at www.conservationmeasures.org.

Benetech is a nonprofit based in Palo Alto, California that combines the power of the human mind with a deep passion for social improvement, creating new technology solutions that serve humanity. Many great technologies can easily be applied to social needs, but the profitability of such efforts rarely meets the financial expectations of high technology investors. Benetech specifically pursues endeavors that emphasize a strong social, rather than financial, rate of return on investment. Benetech explores the application of technology to major social issues in areas such as human rights, literacy, education, the environment and the digital divide. More information is available at www.Benetech.org.